Board games

Board games are one of the oldest game categories in human history. The first board games are believed to have been created in 5000 BC. in the Middle East, which means that these types of games have more than seven thousand years of evolution.

Board games are all those games that need a support, a table, to be able to play, that is, dice games, board games, games where chips, cards, etc. are used. Another distinctive feature of board games is that they are usually played between groups of people.

Despite the fact that board games are largely governed by chance, they still require a plan or strategy that will help each player to be victorious in the game.

With the advancement of technology, conventional board games began to be less used, but they were reinvented and today they can be played on many other platforms, including on any cell phone or tablet.

There are hundreds of classic board games that can be played directly from the cell phone and enjoyed with friends and family. That is why in our board games section we offer the best board games for cell phones and tablets with Android operating system. All the classic board games are adapted to play on the cell phone, but in addition to the classics there are many other newer board games that are really worth trying.

Hopefully you can enjoy the best mobile board games with all your friends and family, whether in a face-to-face meeting or enjoying remote games. Feel free to comment and suggest good board games for Android to share with everyone.

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