Action games

There are a large number of games for different platforms that are classified according to the type of game. Action games are those in which the player must maintain maximum concentration and use all their dexterity, speed and especially reaction time.

The action genre encompasses a large number of games, it is a very broad concept and at the same time it is one of the favorites of all video game players. Action games contain a large number of sub-genres such as fighting games, shooting games, Beat ’em up and many more. In general, most action games are games that contain a lot of violence.

Action games were originally created for computers, but they became really popular in the 70s and 80s with the popularity of arcades. Much of the arcade games were based on challenging the player to use all their dexterity, ability, speed and reaction time, which is the basic concept of action games.

Action games evolved and adapted to different platforms, reaching cell phones, among others. Today there are thousands of action games for cell phones and especially for Android and it is very difficult to choose a new action game to play. It is for this reason that in our Action section we filter the best action games for cell phones, making it easier to choose a new action game to play.

All games are legal and work on most cell phones with Android operating system. In any case, each game specifies the version of the necessary operating system and also some need better hardware than others.

We hope you enjoy the best action games for mobile phones very much and do not hesitate to try new games.

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